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Meet our teachers and counsellors

Emily Liu

Will be coordinating the summer camp, and help facilitate the communication between campers, volunteers and the desert resort. She has two kids, 7 and 4, both will be attending the summer camp in the desert as volunteer campers.

Shirley Tam

A fun and energetic ESL teacher. Has over thirty years of experience working with children. Shirley is great at making learning fun and engaging kids for learning. She loves hockey, travelling, and Diet Coke.

Elly Rodrigues

Elly has worked with children in schools and daycares for over thirty years. She patiently guides children when doing arts and crafts, finding calmness in every busy day. She loves sewing and cooking.

Yulu Liang

Yulu is an ECE student at Ryerson University, graduating in summer 2020. She has interned in many schools, daycares in the past four years. A fun friend for kids all ages, she engages children by utilize their imagination.

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